Women Inspiring Women

Intervju med "the ultimate wonder woman Janine Di Giovanni" Women Inspiring Women 15 Maj 2017 av THE WHITE LABEL. Läs, följ, Inspireras & Sprid denna inspirations källa! TheWhiteLabel project.
"If only I could sit down with my 20-something self and say, "You're beautiful! You're great! Wear what you want, live how you want, and stand up straight!"  I think my younger self was seeking something, and as a result I always felt slightly tortured.  There is a wonderful thing about growing older- not that I consider myself old, I still think of myself as a teenager and I certainly act like one! - and that is you feel bien dan sa peau - good in your skin. You know what works for you, emotionally, physically. You know what clothes are best for your body. You stop punishing yourself about parts of yourself you don't like. You learn how to love more, live more, relax more.  Life really is a wonderful process, and as long as you retain curiosity and compassion, you have everything you need."..
.."But I really was inspired by what I read about strong women and free women - Martha Gellhorn, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt. the key is to be strong AND smart but still be feminine... Anyway, that is the balance I prefer. Also my friends who were successful at their jobs, especially those working in a man's world - finance, government, diplomacy, journalism.  I have a dear friend Myriem, a successful banker, who I really respect ... she always said, "I never wanted a man to have to buy my knickers."   I see women shopping with their husbands and I don't get it- buy your own La Perla, it feels so much better! "
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